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JRC Contact Terminal Tackle: Discerning design for reliable carp rig presentations and performance in snaggy, challenging situations. Designed and developed by some of the Europe’s best carp fishermen.


The Contact Terminal Tackle line features a variety of today’s most popular hook shapes. These ultra-sharp hooks are made from flat forged heavy-duty wire with a smooth Teflon coating. Why do we coat our hooks in Teflon? Teflon coated bullets can penetrate body armor. We want our hooks to have the same performance; effortless hookups every time. Not only that, their special coating resists corrosion and glare. Don’t compromise with the most important element of your setup.

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We understand that like a chain being only as strong as its weakest link, your hooklink is a vital part of your setup. Not only did we design our hooklinks to be undetectable by even the most weary fish, but to perform under the most extreme conditions, the hardest pulling Carp. We offer a hooklink for every imaginable carp rig.

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Rig Bits

We designed our swivels and rings to ensure they perform perfectly when you need them most. Taking in input from our experts with untold years of experience, we finetuned our rig bits to ensure they remain a reliable link in your setup session after session. What’s more, their special matte black coating allows them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

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Quality craftmanship is impossible without the proper tools. A good knot puller, line stripper, an assortment of needles and perhaps most importantly a sharp set of serrated scissors are absolute essentials in any kit. Our tools are designed to give you everything you need to create custom carp rigs for years. Our needles feature slip resistant rubberized handles.

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Designed and tested by some of Europe’s best carp fishermen, the JRC Connect terminal tackle is ready to fit the needs of the even the most discerning anglers.

What is your go to carp rig? Chances are, even if you have one you favor out of the seemingly thousands of variations today, the conditions and venue your fishing create the need for rig adjustments. These adjustments, along with the reliability of the materials you use, can make all the difference in the world. It is the difference between you sitting for hours with a perfectly presented rig or a tangled mess at the end of your mainline. The materials in your carp rig can be the difference between that gorgeous PR Mirror effortlessly blowing out your rig without a peep from your alarms or it panicking, hooking up, and going on a massive run. Simply put, the ability to create quality, custom carp rigs is the difference between mediocre and expert carp fishermen. But this is just half the story, once hooked up, your terminal tackle elements have to hold up under the extreme loads created by large, hard pulling fish. The new JRC Terminal Tackle line has been designed to do just that.